Snow Cleaning

In need of snow removal services? We’ve got you covered there too! Our team of experts and experienced technicians who are Fully licensed and insured can handle any scope of Snow Cleaning and Snow Removal services. We provide services to an array of Large to small scale commercial & Industrial properties in Toronto and the GTA. We keep strict timelines for rendering services, which is critical in Snow Cleaning. Our comprehensive service include Salting and Off Site Snow Removal services as per Clients requests. Our team has a full array of Equipment from industrial Front Loaders to Sidewalk skid steers to Pick up truck with Blade plows. Ultimately our goal is to satisfy our clients for each contract in a time sensitive manner and to be transparent with pricing.


In addition to our extensive list of services, we also offer commercial janitorial services. Our team of professional cleaners have a wealth of experience cleaning and maintaining different scopes of work when it comes to commercial spaces and will work with you to tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Our outlook is reflective of the type of space we are assigned to deal with. Condominium common areas, office or retail spaces, and industrial locations, all require a different approach, and our team has the extensive experience to adapt and take on any job. We use the latest techniques and equipment to disinfect and sanitize all surfaces, ensuring a clean and safe environment for your employees, residents and customers. As well as our general janitorial services, we also offer specific detail type cleaning, which includes a wide range of services such as steam cleaning of washrooms, tiles, carpets, buffing stripping and waxing of floors, and even exterior services such as power washing, graffiti removal and exterior space maintenance. Contact us today to schedule your janitorial service.

Window Cleaning

Looking for a reliable window cleaning service? Look no further! Our team of professional cleaners use the latest techniques and equipment to leave your windows sparkling clean. From small boutiques to commercial skyrise buildings, we’ve got it covered! Cleaning balcony glass, railing glass, mirrors, windows, and hard to reach areas, we do it all! We provide both residential and commercial interior/exterior window cleaning services at competitive prices. We also offer chemical glass restoration service, to remove hard water stains, mineral build-up, and scratches, to restore your glass to its original clarity. With our experienced team, we can handle all types of cleaning scopes and will work with you to tailor our services to meet your specific needs.